All Girls Summer Enrichment Program


Come Join our "LADY BUTTERFLIES PROGRAM" This Summer!!!

Our All Girls Summer Enrichment Program is open to girls between the ages of 9 through 11.  Our All Girls Summer Enrichment Program provides an enriching curriculum that is full of fun and learning. Your daughters will enjoy creating and exploring with activities such as Jewelry Making, Cake Decorating and Sewing.  We also provide assistance with academics to help your child prepare for the next school year.

Our All Girls Summer Enrichment Program was designed to help girls develop their natural skills and talents that allow them to grow into the Best “Mothers of Civilization” that they can be. We help them build their self esteem and learn to love and appreciate who they are while expressing themselves through a variety of mediums.

We strive to provide a loving environment that is stimulating and educational while being fun and exciting at the same time.  We have a learning/school room, 2 play rooms, media/game room and large outdoor play area.  We do not allow them to freely watch television programs (such as music videos) or listen to music that is demeaning to women/girls or encourages violence.  We closely monitor all TV time, music and activities. TV is kept to a minimum with the focus on education with such programs as PBS, Discovery, Animals, History, Science or anything that will help them develop their intellect. 


Their daily routine will consist of academic review as well as enrichment activities.

- Academic Review (Morning Schedule):  We will review lessons already learned during the past school year plus teach new lessons. 

We will cover:  Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Science & Social Studies.

- Enrichment Activities (afternoon Schedule):  The girls will participate in a wide variety of enriching activities.

Some of the activities are: Jewelry Making, Specialty Crafting, Computers, Web Design, Business, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Sewing, Outdoor activities, Home and Abroad, and More. See examples below.


Our Environment

We have set up a safe, warm and nurturing environment for children to learn in. They are able to explore and learn in our learning rooms that are stimulating and fun. The children learn quickly in our small and intimate environment.

Our Environment Includes:

Learning/School Room - Where most of the classes are held This room helps stimulate the children during class time. They also utilize the computer to play educational games as well as explore music.

2 Play Rooms - Where they are free to explore and play. They are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity.

Outdoor Play Area - Where they are free to explore and learn about the world around them. This is a large outdoor fenced in area that has a Swing Set, Sandbox, Grassy Open Area and Hard Top Area.

Community Features - Quiet and safe new neighborhood with sidewalks throughout for daily walks.


Field Trips

The girls will take field trips to places like Atlanta Zoo, Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags over Georgia, Parks, High Museum of Art, The Botanical Gardens, Dave & Busters and others. 

**You will be required to pay all entrance fee's for field trips that require a fee.



(Call to Inquire)

Example of Food Menu

We encourage Healthy Eating Habits that include well balanced meals and snacks.

Breakfast Meals Lunch Meals Snacks






Bagels & Cream Cheese



Chicken Pasta

French Bread


Burritos & Nachos







Fresh Fruit

Trail Mix

Homemade Ice Cream


Veggie Platter

Mini Sandwiches

***Vegetarian and Meat (chicken, turkey, fish) dishes are prepared

***Special diets can be accommodated



(678) 928- 9093

Our All Girls Summer Enrichment Program will include activities such as:



Come join your sisters while we learn the basics of cooking.  We will have fun while learning about food safety, food preparation, utensils and their uses, common terms, basic techniques and so much more. We will prepare a wide variety of dishes for you to enjoy and share with your family.  Your family will love the opportunity to let you know how proud they are of your Top Chef Skills!! Some of the food we will be preparing is below:


Cakes - Chocolate, Pound, Lemon, Berry, and more

Cobblers - Apple, Peach

Pies - Berry, Custard, Apple and more

Granola Bars - Your Choice

Cookies - Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Bean, Sugar Shapes on Sticks and more

Breads - Banana, Zucchini, Berry, Honey Wheat Rolls, Cheese and more

Ethnic Foods - Chinese (i.e. fried rice), Mexican (i.e. tacos), Italian (i.e. stuffed pasta shells), Indian (i.e. vegetable and fish curry) and so much more!

Home made Ice Cream - Chocolate, Berry Crunch, Cookies and Cream, etc

Specialty Drinks - Shakes, Flavored Lemonade and Ice Teas, etc

Vegetarian Specialties - Seitan, Veggie Meat, Veggie Ground, Veggie Burgers



***Vegetarian and Meat (chicken, turkey, fish) dishes are prepared

***Special diets can be accommodated

Jewelry Making


Enjoy designing and creating your own unique jewelry.  You will use glass beads, shells, metals and more.  Your family and friends will soon be asking you to make them their own set...Watch just may start your own side business and earn your own money to Save and Spend!!









Come design and sew your own stylish clothing and accessories. You will learn the basics of sewing and how to make the following items:






and much more....


Computer Website Design


The girls will go through the process of planning, designing and launching their own web pages and/or website.  They can use their skills to share info and pictures over the internet with family and friends or even better start their own business.


Business Development


They will learn the skills needed to plan, start and operate their own business.  A business they can call theirs and earn their own money is a great way to let them express their talents.

Games and Field Trips


We will play a wide variety of board and card games.  They will also enjoy making their own games to play at home with family and friends. They can enjoy our outside and covered outdoor play areas where they can do activities such as jump rope, ride bikes, rollerskate, or swim.

We will also plan field trips to a variety of places for our young sisters.

This could include places like:

The Atlanta Zoo

The Atlanta Aquarium

The Black History Museum

Arcade/Chuck E Cheeses

Stone Mountain

The Movies


and more!!

Home and Abroad


In this class they will learn the basics of mannerism, health, beauty and how to keep your home clean.  They will learn to research ingredients commonly found in everyday items, and then they will make their own healthy and safe products to use at home and sell.


Some of the products they will learn to make are:


Body Scrub

Lip Balm

Household Cleaners

and more!!

Arts and Crafts


Come learn different styles and techniques to create beautiful pieces of art that you can proudly display at home or give as gifts to your friends and family. 

Paper Mache



Latch Hook


"Cultivating Young Sisters Mentally, Morally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially"